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委员会    Committee

学位委员会   Academic Degrees Committee

学术委员会   Academic Research Committee

教学委员会   Teaching Affairs Committee


党政管理机构  Party and Administrative Management Institution

院办公室   School Office

教学办公室   Teaching Affairs Office

科研办公室   Scientific Research Office

继续教育办公室   Continuation Education Office

财务管理办公室   Financial Management Office


工会   Labour Union

研究生工作办公室   Graduate Affairs Office

本科生工作办公室   Undergraduate Affairs Office

教学机构   Teaching Institution

经济学系   The Department of Economics

金融学系   The Department of Finance

工商管理系  The Department of Business Administration

人力资源管理系   The Department of Human Resource Management

会计学系   The Department of Accounting

电子商务系   The Department of E-commerce

信息管理系   The Department of Information Management

国际经济与贸易系   The Department of International Economy and Trade

实验中心  Experiment Center

省经济学实验教学示范实验中心  The Provincial Economics Experiment Teaching and Demonstration Center

校管理学实验教学示范实验中心  The School Management of Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center

研究机构   Research Institution

经济研究所   The Institute of Economics

劳动经济研究所  The Institute of labour Economics

人力资源开发与管理研究所  The Institute of Human Resource Development and Management 

国民经济研究所   The Institute of National Economics

图书馆学与情报学研究所  The Institute of Library Science and Informatics

区域经济研究所   The Institute of Regional Economy

“三农”与城镇化研究所 The Institute of “Agriculture, Countryside, and Peasants” and Urbanization

企业管理研究所  The Institute of Business Administration

知识管理研究所  The Institute of Knowledge Management

人口资源环境研究所 The Institute of Population, Eesource and Environmental Economics

马克思主义经济学研究中心  The Research Center for Marxism economics 

第三产业经济研究中心  The Research Center for Tertiary Economy

现代公司管理研究中心   The Research Center For Modern Company Management

港澳台经济研究中心   The Research Center for Hongkong, Macao and Taiwan Economy

证券研究中心  The Research Center for Securities

电子商务创新研究中心  The Research Center for E-commerce Innovation

经济行为与制度研究中心 The Center for Economic Behaviors and Institutions (CEBI)

挂靠机构 Affiliate

MBA 教育中心 MBA Education Center

创业学院大学城分院  The branch of School of Entrepreneurship in Higher Education Mega Center