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徐澄博士:Gender Gap in Tournaments Participation: An Experiment Using a Cooperative Task​ 华南经济论坛第274期

2019-12-19 09:46:00 来源: 点击: 收藏本文

题目:Gender Gap in Tournaments Participation: An Experiment Using a Cooperative Task

主讲人:徐澄博士 诺丁汉大学



报告者简介:Elvis Cheng Xu(徐澄), a PhD candidate at Nottingham University Business School, also a member of the Centre for Decision Research and Experimental Economics. His main interests focus on employing experimental methodology to follow through business studies, with particular interests in Gender Gap in Business Organisations,  Investor Psychology in the Chinese Market and Behavioural Corporate Finance. He also hold an MSc in Finance from the Universit of Tulane and an MPhil in economics from Waseda University.

报告摘要:Women are underrepresented at the top end of organizations. Scholars have proposed many explanations to address this phenomenon. Evidence from experimental economics suggests this maybe partly due to women’s shying away from competitions. However, this evidence mainly comes from experiments based on non-cooperative tasks. This paper presents a new experimental design to test whether women are more willing to enter competitions when they compete as a team working on a highly cooperation-demanding task. We found that the gender gap in willingness to compete disappeared when individuals were asked to compete in teams working on cooperative tasks. We propose that companies could better encourage their female employees to work under more competitive environments by changing how performances are being evaluated.